Achla Beach in Andros is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and is located in the northeast of the island. More specifically, you will find it in the village of Vourkoti, quite close to Chora. The beach ends after an dirt road that starts just after Vourkoti. Once you arrive, you will be genuinely amazed. The last few meters until you go down the road will seem like a dream because of the incredible view of this beautiful, unique beach.

Achla Beach in Andros – Approach from the sea

Achla Beach in Andros can also be accessed by sea, on a fantastic route. The sea adds a unique element to the whole experience and the rocky islets and cliffs make the atmosphere particularly marine. The sounds of the waves dancing with a wonderful rhythm create an unforgettable melody. The sun’s golden color with the blue of the sea are creating the most beautiful painting. The seabirds flying along the sea are your best friend on this journey.

Once you reach Achla Beach in Andros, the feeling of diving into its magnificent waters will be unmanageable. The pebbles combined with the golden sandy beach and turquoise sea make your eyes “full” of spectacle.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece

Achla Beach in Andros, apart from the beautiful waters, has to offer important habitat for the Cyclades islands. The waters of the homonymous river flow into the sea even in summer, coming from the plane tree behind the beach.

Small waterfalls create small lakes with icy waters for refreshing dips in summer. The century-old plane trees and the green landscape create a unique image that is unlike any other island in the Cyclades. Water turtles, rabbits, wonderful birds, and exotic insects such as dragonflies and colorful butterflies stay there.