Activities in Andros


Activities in Andros

Activities in Andros that will boost your physical and mental health and promote your contact with the culture, the sea and nature of the island. Chryssi Akti does not offer this services directly to our guest, though we will guide to choose the best one that suites you and get you in touch with the activity providers.


Hiking through the amazing nature of Andros Island

One of the most popular activities in Andros for adventure lovers bringing you in touch with the core of the island’s natural beauty. Through wonderful hikes, you will discover the most fascinating sights of the island.

Andros has an extensive network of hiking trails that exceeds 300 km and is the only island in Greece with European certification (Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe). On the other hand, if you are a cycling enthusiast, you can try the most challenging trails..


Get in touch with the spirituality & culture of Andros Island

Connect with the culture and traditions of the island. You can participate in cooking classes and get in touch with the andriotic culinary experience. You will also have the opportunity to experience a unique gastronomical journey.

In addition, Visit the monasteries on the island. and discover the religious culture of Andros by participating in all the festivities that take place during your visit.

Finally, you will be able to participate in tours to discover the beauties of the island, its many villages the center of the capital, and the famous springs of Menites.


Wellness and Meditation

Harmonize with the universal energy by experiencing the ancient Chinese art of Taichi Chuan and Qigong. This art promotes relaxation and makes us more conscious of our actions by gaining clarity of mind and positive thinking.

Try a yoga session for ultimate relaxation. Indulge in meditation and seek spirituality. Relax with an early morning massage.

Finally, if you want to stay fit on your vacations, you should definitely try aqua aerobics or pilates.


Water sports and Andros Island come together

Try windsurf a sport that exercises the whole body and mind. It raises the adrenaline, fights stress, and brings us closer to nature and the sea.

Get in direct contact with the water, enjoy the speed and after some practise try making stunts and jumps.

Water skiing is a sport for most people! Children can be introduced to the secrets of the sport from about 5-6 years old. Adults can try the experience, and depending on their physical condition, they can move up levels.

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