Apothikes beach in Andros is definitely one of the beaches you should visit during your stay on the noble island. It takes its name, according to the locals, from the small sheds that protected the boats of sailors and fishermen during the winter. You will find the beach on the road to Chalkolimiona, below Stavropeda. This picturesque dirt road leads to this beautiful sandy beach on the left.

Apothikes Beach – A rocky, enchanting beach

Apothikes beach in Andros is ideal for fishing and especially snorkeling because of its characteristic rocks. These beautiful rocks are also excellent for diving in the green, Cycladic waters. The seabed of the beach is also excellent, so it is advisable to have a sea mask with you. The mountain just above the sandy beach is full of holly and fig trees, forming an exotic landscape.

Apothikes beach in Andros is a beach that attracts all ages and especially young people. The beach bar and the easy dirt road make it an excellent choice for everyone. The waters are lovely and deep, ideal for diving and fishing. Many people visit it to take unforgettable underwater photos and experience the wonderful aquatic life of Andros.

How to go?

Apothikes beach in Andros is an excellent choice for people with a high car for the dirt road, but those with a smaller car will not have significant difficulty getting to the beach. The dirt road is relatively passable and is located on the north side of the island. Finally, you will find plenty of space to park your car. The beautiful turquoise waters and exotic scenery are definitely worth your visit.

Apothikes beach in Andros is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.