The Castle of Faneromeni in Andros is the largest medieval town on the island, but it also shows traces of Roman fortification. The castle is also called Pano Kastro or the Castle of the Old Woman by the inhabitants of the island.

The Venetians were the ones who built the castle to the north of the bay of Korthi near 600m altitude, in order to protect themselves from pirate attacks. If you visit the Castle of Faneromeni in Andros, you will see the old aqueducts and houses that are still standing.

The area is surrounded by mountains on its perimeter. with steep cliffs and sharp peaks. Anyone who visits it has the impression that the rocks are rising to the top. The mountains, the walls, and the stones confirm in their combination the characterization of the impregnable, as do the many legends behind the castle.

The Castle of Faneromeni – The legends and the myth

As far as the legend behind the construction of the castle is concerned, most people talk about an old woman who betrayed the Greeks to the Turks and in her attempt to escape fell over the cliff. The memory of the old woman has remained immortal over the years and a little further down the road gave the name to the famous beach “The Old Woman’s Jump”.

If you want to visit the Castle of Faneromeni in Andros you have to follow the path that starts from the village. During the route, you will have the opportunity to enjoy from afar the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Near the entrance of the castle (200 meters to the left of the gate), there is a cave with stalactites, which is definitely worth a visit.

The church in the castle of Faneromeni in Andros celebrates on August 15, with celebrations, music, and dances.