Beaches of exceptional beauty

One of the main “ingredients” for a great summer vacation or getaway are the beaches of an island. Andros, being the second largest island of the Cyclades has many beaches, with unique characteristics and can definitely satisfy anyone.

Whatever you are looking for Andros has one for you. Sandy or rocky, remote or “noisy”, family or adventurous. With shallow or deep clear water in all shades of blue and green. Some easy-to-access and others are accessible only by 4×4, boat, or hiking.

In this article, we present six of these beaches, without of course underestimating the more than 30 that are not listed below.

Family beaches for small and “big” children!

1. Batsi beach

The central beach of Batsi has golden sand and trees, and therein lies our hotel. It is ideal for families with children, windless and organized, while swimming overlooking the houses of your traditional settlement gives an amazing feeling. That is why it is the beach for night dives. The beach is wide with shallow waters making it ideal for young children.

2. Nimporio beach

To the left of the island’s capital, as we look towards the sea lies the beach of Neiborio. It is organized, with shallow waters and sand, ideal for young children. In the middle of the beach stands locally known as the rock “Tourlos” that separates the beach in two. The beach has a unique view of the majestic peninsula of Chora, the famous St. Thalassini chapel built on a rock, the Square of the Unknown Sailor, and Tourlitis lighthouse.

Crowded beaches … it’s like a party!

3. Saint Peter’s beach

St. Peter’s beach is the island’s largest. It has 3 beach bars, windsurf instructor, and water sports. The islands in the background and the ships that come and go in the harbor create a lovely feel in the skyline.

4. Piso Gialia Beach

Within a short distance from the Gialia beach on the way to Stenies, the stairs to the church of Agia Fotini lead to the beach of Piso Gialia. Fine sand, cliffs, beautiful waters that deepens smoothly, boats, jet ski, and to the right the Beach Bar of Piso Gialia. The beach is youthful and numerous days end like a beach party.

Beaches of wild and natural beauty!

5. Zorgos Beach

A large beautiful beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters. The road is asphalted for the most part with a passable dirt road at the end of the route. The natural environment and the view of the sea create a majestic natural landscape. The beach is sandy, organized, and has a tavern.

6. Ahla Beach

Ahla is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Beach and a biotope together. It has small pebbles, sand, and emerald waters. Ahla river flows into the beach from the slopes of the mountains of Vourkoti. A green valley and a forest of plane trees spread out behind Ahla Beach.

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