The enchanting Batsi in Andros

Andros, the jewel of the Cyclades!

Batsi is located in Andros, the closest island of the Cyclades just 2 hours away from Athens and the second largest island after Naxos. Admittedly, the island differs greatly than most islands and looks like a miniature of Greece. Andros has vast coastline with many beautiful beaches. The landscape is dominated by high mountains, gorges, small and large rivers, valleys planted with vines and of course endlessly flowing waters.

Andros is green and studded with cypress trees, oaks, fruit trees and olive trees. The island, due to the short distance from Athens, is ideal for short breaks and an economical choice for long summer vacation.

The enchanting village of Batsi


Batsi is a coastal fishing village of Andros. It is located 8 km away from Gavrio, and 27 km from Chora. It is built by the sea, with many bars, restaurants, shopping and souvenir shops. The central beach at Batsi is protected from winds with the thin golden sand and it is fully organized. It is a very good choice giving a sense reminiscent us to images of carefree summer happiness. It’s a very good option that gives us the feeling of carefree summer happiness. Batsi is a well known tourist resort from the 70s.


Beaches close to BatsiΠαραλία Μπατσί

Batsi’s Beach: Sandy, large organized beach with trees. Safe for small children, with amenities and perfect for relaxing by the sea.

Colona Beach: Small quiet beach across Batsi with great view of the village.

Stivari Beach: Just one kilometer from Batsi, Stivari is a small, quiet & secluded, that combines rocks, sand and pebbles in and out of the sea.

Agia Marina Beach: A sandy beach after Batsi. You will see mostly families and a very nice tavern built on the sand.


Sightseeing close to Batsi

The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi 9 (Holy Life-Giving Spring)

The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi or Agia is the largest monastery of the island and is located between Gavrio and Batsi. Initially the monastery monks lived there until 1928. Later on the monastery converts into a female spiritual refuge. The monastery church is Byzantine style with wooden temple and owns a rich library with books and manuscripts, a museum with holy vestments and utensils and a small collection of prehistoric tools. The Monastery celebrates on Easter Friday. The dirt road that starts from Agios Kyprianos and trail from Batsi lead to the monastery.

Archaeological Site of Ipsili Andros

A great town of Ancient Andros. Ipsili is one of the most important fortified settlements of the early Iron Age in the South Aegean in which was recenlty revealed a large part of urban structure of the archaic phase of the acropolis and the fortification of the Geometric period. Large farmhouses of historical times were found in the area of Ipsili. The ancient city of Ipsili in Aprovatou, was discovered in the early 1980s. The first excavations revealed important ancient relics like the temple at the Acropolis center, buildings and part of the wall, as well as many movable finds.

The excavation yielded important findings, valuable for the Geometric and Archaic period in the Cyclades and beyond in the Aegean. The sanctuary, at the center of the citadel, probably dedicated to the goddess Demeter, was founded in the 8th century BC and continued to operate at least to the second quarter of the 5th century BC.

Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis

The plate with the hymn of the goddess Isis, coins, sculptures, statues. The museum is housed in a building in Paleopolis, sponsorship of the Foundation Basil & Elise Goulandris. The collection includes sculptures, statues, coins and inscriptions found in the excavations of the site of the ancient capital of the island, named nowadays Paleopolis. Most important exhibits are the marble lion, the marble statuette of Artemis and a marble plate with the unique in Greece surviving hymn to the goddess Isis. You will find the museum in the center of the Paleopolis village.


Trails close to Batsi

No. 11 •  Batsi – Katakoilos – Ano Katakilos – Arni

Beautiful route from the tourist coastline in the rural hinterland. Landscapes, agricultural monuments and complex terrain. Access: On the road from Gavrio to Batsi on the turn to Katakoilos in a vertical concrete road alongside house. Route Condition: Accessible (small narrow and steep sections at Arni)

No. 9a • Archeological site of Palaiopolis – (Circular)

Μονοπάτι 11 - ΜπατσίGreat circular route exploring the important archaeological site of Paleopolis, the capital of Andros for over a millennium. Interesting surviving remnants, overgrown route segments, wonderful views over the coastline and the impressive mountain of Petalo, the unspoiled beach of Paleopolis with the submerged but visible ancient breakwater. Connecting section of the route leads to the main route numbered 9, which connects the Ano Aprovatou through Ano Palaiopolis with Pitrofos and Strapourgies. Access: On the road from Gavrio to Paleopolis, on the vertical road to the beach across the Archaeological Museum. Route Condition: Accessible with increased vegetation in some points.