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Tonis Sfinos – An amazing night in Andros

Tonis SfinosIt was our great honor to host Tonis Sfinos, contributing to an event unique to our island. It was a matter of a few moments to accept the sponsorship proposal for the stay of Tonis Sfinos made by Moomba Afterlight. Tonis, who is not Antonis but Thanasis (Thanos) is a truly distinctive personality but authentic though disguised. Tonis Sfinos? Singer, twitter, mime, subversive, charismatic, and a group of young musicians who play and accompany him at all, made Andros laugh! Three more hours at Moomba Afterlight in Nimporio: forget, dance, break out, and participate in a live party that you do not want to end.

Tonis Sfinos. Beneath the August moon

Tonis Sfinos

Yes, there is also this fun! The night of the “chavale show”. Tonis Sfinos. A kind of carelessness under the moon of August, with swimsuits, laughter, cool, intelligent and easy targeted satire, well-known songs with falsified lyrics, teasing and absolute public participation. They paused and shaken the youth and took it up – for an evening – from the cafes. They lived up Niborio, the beach of Chora, late afternoon (he walked on the pedestrian of Hora on a horse!).

Tonis we are waiting for you next summer…!




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