Your trip to Andros will be highlighted by a visit to the Monastery of Agia Marina, a very beautiful monastery in the area of the village of Apikia. The imposing monastery will surprise you with its unique architecture and will fascinate you because of its great history and thousands of recorded miracles.

There is a legend that the monastery was founded in 1325 AD. At that time, with the financial help of Emperor Emmanuel II Komnenos, he founded the Holy Monastery of Agia Marina in Andros, in honor of the miraculous Saint.

The Monastery of Agia Marina in Andros – The historical background

The Monastery of Agia Marina in Andros has faced many difficulties over the centuries. In the 16th century, it was raided three times by pirates and was burnt to the ground, resulting in its decline. By 1743 only 5 monks were left in the monastery. Then, after having visions, Hieronymus Sophronius decided to sell all the property and move to the monastery, which he converted into a nunnery in 1746.

In 1883, after more than a century, the Monastery of St. Marina was converted into a stable. The icon of Agia was put up for forced auction and saved by the Empeirikos family.

Μονή Αγίας Μαρίνας

The later history of the monastery

Metropolitan Dorotheos, seeing the ruins of the monastery, asked his deacon, the monk Kyprianos, to restore it. Kyprianos did not accept the Metropolitan’s proposal and then Agia Marina appeared in the form of a vision before him. This was enough to convince the deacon and begin the restoration of the monastery.

Then, in 1976, after many efforts and struggles, Kyprianos managed to return the icon of Agia Marina to the monastery. Since then, thousands of miracles of Agia Marina have been recorded. Believers from all parts of Greece especially from Cyprus visit the monastery every year because of a miracle that happened to a child years ago.

The Monastery of Agia Marina in Andros is celebrated on July 17 and a very large number of pilgrims from Greece and abroad visit it.

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