Nestled to the right of Chora, the vibrant capital of Andros Island, lies the expansive paradise of Paraporti Beach, beckoning travelers with its allure. Stretching majestically along the coastline, this vast expanse of sand is adorned with tamarisk trees, offering a welcome respite from the sun’s embrace.

Perched atop the rocky outcrops overlooking Paraporti Beach, the charming church of Agios Ermolaos stands as a silent sentinel, while nearby, the helipad adds a touch of modernity to the timeless landscape. At the heart of this coastal haven flows the Great River, a lifeline that meanders through picturesque villages such as Aladinou, Livadia, and Baxedes, enriching the surrounding ecosystem.

Paraporti Beach – The amazing views

Paraporti Beach is renowned for its untamed beauty, where the sea roars with the intensity of meltemia winds, unleashing towering waves that dance upon the shore. Yet, amidst this wild expanse, a sense of serenity prevails, offering visitors a front-row seat to the captivating vista of Andros Town’s peninsula. Against the backdrop of the iconic Tourlitis lighthouse, the azure horizon stretches endlessly, inviting contemplation and reflection.

Venturing beyond the shoreline, a tapestry of sights unfolds, from the sprawling hinterland adorned with quaint villages to the majestic silhouette of the Panachrantos monastery, painting a picture of sublime beauty. Here, nestled amidst the rugged terrain, lies a beach bar and tavern, where weary travelers can indulge in the flavors of the region while basking in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun.

Location and Access

Accessing Paraporti Beach is an adventure in itself, offering multiple pathways to this coastal sanctuary. For those traversing the pedestrian streets of Chora, a scenic journey awaits, as 130 steps lead from Theoskepasti in Kairi Square to the soft sands below. Alternatively, travelers can embark on a leisurely stroll from the highway adjacent to the Lyceum or follow the narrow cement road from Livadia, winding past plane trees and poplars, alongside the gentle murmur of the river.

In essence, Paraporti Beach epitomizes the essence of Andros’ coastal charm, offering a haven of natural beauty and tranquility that captivates the soul. Whether seeking adventure amidst the crashing waves or solace amidst the serene landscape, Paraporti Beach invites travelers to embark on a journey of discovery, where each moment unfolds like a page in a timeless tale of paradise found.