Pythara Falls in Andros is accessible from a green path, with vegetation and wonderful landscapes. More specifically, it is located in the village of Apikia, just 10 minutes from the main road.

Pythara Falls – A fairytale-like route

The path that leads to the Pythara waterfalls in Andros is truly magnificent. The beauty of the ‘Fairyland’ as locals call it impresses every visitor. Within this lush green place, the waters form waterfalls and lakes with abundant aquatic life. The springs can be found on Mount Petalo, in Evrousies, which flow into the beach of Gyalia.

Καταρράκτες Πυθάρας Άνδρος

The whole experience at Pythara Falls in Andros is like a dream. Like a fairy tale with elves, unicorns, and colorful flowers, a feeling that no one has really experienced until they visit them. As you walk towards the waterfalls you will feel the aromas and be enchanted by the sounds and melodies of nature.

A unique ecosystem of the Cyclades

Pythara Falls in Andros is a unique ecosystem with amazing animals and plants. We should not forget that the waters are also used for watering the surrounding fields. From 1863 until 1936, its waters also powered the largest water mill in the Balkans, the “Fabrika” a little further down in the village of Stenia.

Pythara Falls in Andros is one of the most important and unforgettable places in the Cyclades and definitely worth a visit.