Chryssi Akti Hotel hosted on April 30, 2023, the team of the Institute for Relational and Group Psychotherapy that conducted an experiential seminar on Group Psychotherapy according to Irvin Yalom. The seminar had more than 110 participants and a total of 50 rooms.

The Institute for Relational and Group Psychotherapy at Hotel Chryssi Akti

The Chryssi Akti Hotel with its excellent facilities and quality service ensured that the workshop was a great success. A part of the lecture came from Yalom’s approach to group therapy, focusing on the differences between content and process as well as the concepts of working in the here and now.
After the demonstration group, there was a discussion of the interpersonal dynamics that emerged in the group. Therapeutic interventions that maximize the benefit of the groups were also considered. Therapists in the demonstration group were Stavros Charalambidis and Kostas Mathioudis.