It was our great honor to host Tonis Sfinos, contributing to an event unique to our island. It was a matter of a few moments to accept the sponsorship proposal for the stay of Tonis Sfinos made by Moomba Afterlight. Tonis, who is not Antonis but Thanasis (Thanos) is a truly distinctive personality but authentic though disguised. Tonis Sfinos? Singer, Twitter, mime, subversive, charismatic, and a group of young musicians who play and accompany him at all, made Andros laugh! Three more hours at Moomba Afterlight in Nimporio: forget, dance, break out, and participate in a live party that you do not want to end.

Tonis Sfinos. Beneath the August moon

Yes, there is also this fun! The night of the “Chavale show”. Tonis Sfinos. A kind of carelessness under the moon of August, with swimsuits, laughter, cool, intelligent, and easily targeted satire, well-known songs with falsified lyrics, teasing, and absolute public participation. They paused and shook the youth and took it up – for an evening – from the cafes. They lived up Niborio, the beach of Chora, late afternoon (he walked on the pedestrian of Chora on a horse!).

Tonis we are waiting for you next summer…!