It is important for us to continuously increase our rating on the websites where users rate hotels and accommodation services. Especially on where in order for a user to write a review, must have a confirmed experience in our hotel. Once again we are proud of the recognition of our efforts since we managed to increase our rating from 8.4 to 8.9. The recognition of the experience we offer to our guests and our insistence on the quality of our services and facilities is reflected in the Guest Review Award. We thank and our guests whose reviews led to this award.

Guest Review Awards

The Guest Review Award awarded to hotels gathered a score of 8-10. Awarded to accommodation services that do not simply give a room key but offer a total experience. An experience that consists of standard features and important details. It starts from the initial contact with the hotel online until check out. The award of Guest Review Awards is a way to share the result of our effort with those who are going to visit our island.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation prepares for summer 2017 a tribute to the prominent poet and painter Nikos Engonopoulos. One hundred and ten paintings and selected poems will highlight his poetic sensitivity and his inherent visual perspective. Elements that together created the impression in size and originality of his painting and literary work. Painter, stage designer, poet, and professor at EM Polytechnic University, is considered the main representatives of the 1930s. One of the main speakers and pioneers of the surrealist movement in Greece.

“The words of the poet and the act of the painter, in the unified, inseparable unity, as we are most widely known, the basis of the artistic creation of the distinguished painter and poet.” This is what the organizers write about Nikos Engonopoulos. For the one who identified his life with art and considered it an elixir that honors and perpetuates life.

Each aspect is framed by in-depth texts written by knowledgeable people who are deeply aware of his work and included in the bilingual 290-page catalog, which reproduces all 110 works.

About Nikos Engonopoulos

With imaginative inventiveness, imaginative skill and intelligence, spiritual competence, and mental vigor. It overcame conventional constraints, commitments, and the freedom with which it was encouraged by its surrealistic dialectics, style, and ethos. He was left with irresistible zeal and unmistakable creative momentum in the search for new-looking expressions, forms, performances, and verbal formalities.

Useful information

Duration of exhibition: 25 June – 1 October 2017
Hours of Operation: Daily 11.00-15.00 and 18.00-21.00, Monday 11.00-15.00,
Monday afternoon and Tuesday closed

Foundation of Vasilis and Elise Goulandri T: 210 7252895 – 6
Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros T: 22820 22444